• 18. August 2024 - 21. August 2024
    14:00 - 17:00


Forge your own singing bowl & your own tubular bell

3- or 4-day-workshop facilitated by Gabriella and Heather of Resounding Earth.


Workshop auf Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung


Craft your own small singing bowl as an act of co-creation with the elements of nature.

Three days during which you will be fully assisted and supported in working in a co-creative process of crafting metal to bring a unique fine frequency sounding instrument into form

You will scribe, cut, shape, fire and sink your own small singing bowl, made of copper, brass or bronze. To craft your own singing bowl is a fun and rich experience of immersion into an ancient process of forging, working closely with the elements andthe tools whilst bringing a new consciousness to every moment.

At the end of the workshop you will not only have a beautiful, fine frequency sound companion and ally, you will have gone through an embodied experience of personal and alchemical change yourself. This workshop is an invitation to meet the wonder of alchemy as you engage in a truly co-creative process.

Get to know Gabrielle and Heather and their inspiring work that they are sharing with you: www.resoundingearth.com/home


If you would like to make two instruments, we offer an additional day of tubular bell forging:

What is a tubular bell?

 Tubular bells are powerful individual instruments in their own right, when forged in co-creation.
While a singing bowl is a powerful vessel of gifting and receiving, holding and sharing energy, sound and frequency, a tubular bell can be a bridge between heaven and Earth , creating a column of light and sound that connects, transports, transmutes and ripples into the Earth and the Cosmos. Some indigenous cultures speak of becoming a hollow bone or reed to let spirit move through….The tubular bell can be a facilitator of this quality of being.

We perceive them to be able to be like acupuncture needles in the landscape, your house or garden.

If you wish to read more about the Resounding Earth large global tubular bell project and co-create a bell in resonance with Resounding the Earth, join us for this extra day and read here:  (This is the link to the tubular bell web page: https://resoundingearth.com/project/tubular-bells/)

So in 4 days you will craft your own resonant singing bowl and a tubular bell and will leave with 2 completed sound instruments.

Alternatively if you have forged a singing bowl before and you would like to use the 4 days to forge a large bowl, you can ask to do this instead of forging a smaller singingbowl and a tubular bell.

These workshops take place at Adelhaus: www.adelhaus.de

We are offering these special workshops for only 10 people, therefor we recommend to place your booking soon.


Choose your option


forge your own singing bowl

18-20 August: 570,00 €

estimated amount for materials is between 20 € and 50 €, payable locally

accommodation and full vegetarian catering at Adelhaus:

in a single room with share bathroom: 245,00 € p. person

in a two bed room with share bathroom: 225,00 € p. person


forge your own singing bowl and your tubular bell

18-21 August: 750,00 €

estimated amount for materials is between 40 € and 80 €, payable locally

accommodation and full vegetarian catering at Adelhaus:

in a single room with share bathroom: 370,00 € per person

in a two bed room with share bathroom: 330,00 € per person

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Erfahrungsbericht einer Teilnehmerin:

Schmiede deine eigene Klangschale in Co-Kreation
mit Klang, Natur, Metall, Feuer, Hand und Herz

„Während des Workshops wirst du eine eigene kleine Klangschale aus Kupfer, Messing oder Bronze auf das Metall aufritzen, das Metall schneiden, feuern und mit Hammerschlägen in Form bringen, bis ein kohärenter Klang ertönt.
Die Herstellung einer eigenen Klangschale ist eine freudvolle und reichhaltige Erfahrung des Eintauchens in einen uralten Prozess des Schmiedens, der engen Zusammenarbeit von Elementen, Werkzeugen und dir, wobei jeder Moment im Bewusst-sein erlebt werden kann.
Am Ende des Workshops wirst du nicht nur einen wunderschönen, feinfrequenten Klangbegleiter und
Verbündeten haben, sondern auch eine körperliche Erfahrung der persönlichen und alchemistische
Veränderung gemacht haben.
Dieser Workshop ist eine Einladung, das Wunder der Alchemie kennenzulernen, während du dich auf einen wahrhaft co- kreativen Prozess einlässt!“